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Ragtime, the uniquely American, syncopated musical style, captures the energy and romanticism of life during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. On this, Peacherine's third album, we seek to explore some of America's most celebrated ragtime-era works, alongside forgotten and rediscovered gems, as audiences would have heard them over a century ago. This album premiers several never-before recorded orchestrations, alongside classics by Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, and the creators of America's first poular music. Featuring Max Keenlyside, pianist, and William Edwards, vocalist.


Track Listing: 

1) Ragtime Soldier Man (1912) by Irving Berlin
2) At A Georgia Camp Meeting (1897) by Kerry Mills
3) Elite Syncopations (1902) by Scott Joplin
4) You’re A Grand Old Flag (1906) by George M. Cohan
5) Charleston Rag (c. 1899) by Eubie Blake
6) Floatin’ Down To Cotton Town (1919) by F. Henri Klickmann
7) Semper Fidelis (1888) by John Philip Sousa
8) Fido Is A Hot Dog Now (1914) by Raymond Walker
9) The Entertainer (1902) by Scott Joplin
10) He’d Have To Get Under, Get Out And Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile) (1913) by Maurice Abrahams
11) Grace And Beauty (1909) by James Scott
12) The Silver Swan (c. 1914) by Scott Joplin
13) Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1911) by Irving Berlin
14) Desecration Rag (Rag Humoresque) (1914) by Felix Arndt
15) Delectation: Valse Hesitation (1914) by Walter Rolfe
16) Jazarella (1919) by Larry Briers
17) Alabama Jubilee (1915) by George L. Cobb
18) Beale Street (1917) by W.C. Handy
19) Oh Slip It Man: Trombone Novelty (1916) by Nathaniel C. Davis
20) Frog-I-More Rag (c. 1908) by Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton
21) At The Moving Picture Ball (1920) by Jos. Santly
22) Tiger Rag: Jazz One Step (1917) by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Total Time: 70:00

Elite Syncopations CD

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