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Mel B. Kaufman (1879-1932), the "King of the One Step", was one of the most popular and prolific composers of syncopated dance music during the 1910s and early 1920s. His work was featured by such bandleaders as Vincent Lopez, Earl Fuller, Eugene Jaudas, Charles Prince, and Joseph C. Smith, and his lively, catchy melodies found their way into the soundtracks of hundreds of films and animated cartoons well into the 1950s. This first-ever CD dedicated to Kaufman's music features twenty-five numbers, including several selections recorded for the first time. All of the pieces are performed off the original orchestrations using period instruments and authentic performance techniques. Andrew Greene, PRSO's director and the world's leading authority on Mel B. Kaufman, contributes an in-depth essay on Kaufman's life and work in the accompanying 40 page booklet, which also includes dozens of rare photographs and original sheet music cover art, a comprehensive Kaufman discography, filmography, and more. Featuring Richard Dowling, pianist, and William Edwards, vocalist.


Track Listing:

1) Shoot (1925)
2) Introduce Me (1916)
3) Pick A Chicken (1914)
4) Big Ben (1912)
5) I’m A Sentimental Dreamer (1921)
6) Taxi (1919)
7) More Candy (1917)
8) Persian Moon (1919)
9) Good Scout (1915)
10) It’s A Bird (1917)
11) Umbrellas To Mend (1917)
12) Magnolia Bloom (1925)
13) Squidulum (1931)
14) Step With Pep (1916)
15) Muslin Rag (1918)
16) Bing! Bing! (1915)
17) Yah-De-Dah: Jazz Fox Trot (1917)
18) Pack Me Up In Your Heart (1920)
19) Gangway (1926)
20) Saucy (1929)
21) C.O.D. (Come On, Dance) (1916)
22) Listen To This (1916)
23) Some Break! (1931)
24) Me-Ow: Song (1919)
25) Me-Ow: One Step (1918)

Total Time: 68:00

Step With Pep CD

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